Clubs & Extra-Curricular Activities

At Risdene Academy, we pride ourselves on our varied clubs.


Saltshakers has after school on Mondays

Saltshakers is a craft club, where each week your child makes something...fantastic...amazing!  We use anything from paper plates, pipe cleaners all the way to loos rolls... the craft always reflects something fron the bible story we share.

The session runs for 45 minutes from the end of school until 3.50pm on Monday afternoons, and you can then collect your child from a member of school staff in the usual spot.

This club is open to children from Years 2-6 only, and places are on a first come first served basis.



Mrs Bates runs our school choir and welcomes any new members who would like to join!

Key Stage 1 - Tuesday after school until 4.05pm
Key Stage 2 - Wednesday after school until 4.05pm


Sports Clubs


Term 1

(02/10/17 - 10/11/17)

Term 2

(13/11/17 - 20/12/17)

Term 3

(03/01/2018 - 09/02/2018)


Football Years 5/6

Change4Life KS1 and KS2

Football Years 1/2


Ball Sports Years 1/2

Dodgeball Years 3/4

Ultimate Frisbee Years 3/4


Football Years 3/4

Hockey Years 3/4

Netball Years 5/6


Athletics Years 5/6

Ultimate Frisbee Years 5/6

Dodgeball years 5/6


No clubs at the moment

 No clubs at the moment

No clubs at the moment